Mitch spoiled me many years ago with custom-fit suits, shirts and ties. I must admit I thought custom tailoring and style meant a hefty price tag but I was pleasantly surprised with the value, especially considering the amount of alterations I usually needed with off-the-rack retailers. Mitch also goes out of his way after the sale to make sure you are happy with the style and fit and will do whatever it takes to make it right. I am very happy to call Mitch my Haberdasher and would highly recommend you call him the next time you are in the market for a suit!
Casey Reilly
  Certified Fraud Examiner at FidelitecVerona, WI

I have been extremely satisfied with the service and products offered by Mitch and Fine Line Custom Attire. Mitch delivers a high quality product with precise detailing within the time frame promised. He comes to you and makes the purchasing process very easy. Best fitting suits I have ever owned. If you are interested in upgrading your attire, I highly recommend Mitch and Fine Line Custom Attire.
Bob Bell
VP at First Business Bank – Brookfield, WI

Mitch always works with me on my time and at my location which is very important to me. Mitch has worked with me long enough that he is able to make the meetings very efficient. I would recommend Mitch as your go to guy for custom tailored clothing.
David Fink
President at Settlers Bank
 DeForest, WI

Mitch has proven time and again his knack for putting together a well fashioned look. Whenever I am in need of a new shirt or suit or even tailoring help, Mitch is my go to source. He is always professional and courteous and is happy to meet at any convenient location which is always a plus.
Zach Eckdahl
CSA at Assurant Health – Milwaukee, WI

I don't often wear suits but when I do, I wear Mitch's Fine Line Custom Attire.
Jesse Jacobs
Owner of Otto Jacobs Company LLC – Lake Geneva, WI

Mitch does fabulous work putting together outfits that I am proud to wear. I get constant compliments on my clothing and I love the way it fits. I started with custom dress shirts to get improved comfort and quality. Then quickly stepped up to custom suits and sport coats. Mitch has learned my preferences and knows my wardrobe. He is able to recommend fabrics and styles that work together to create many looks from formal to business-like to sharp and cutting edge to casual. I am very glad I know Mitch and his business. 
Jay Hinkens
Owner of Point B Wealth Advisors – Middleton, WI

Fine Line Haberdashers are incredibly creative, offer excellent customer service, and have a great variety of clothing to choose from.

Mitch has been assisting me with my professional dress attire for more than 10 years. He is the most responsive, professional, and creative person I have ever met in his field. If you need help with your look, he is your guy!

I have worked with Mitch for more than seven years and look forward to our annual 'shopping' trip together! Actually, he comes to my office, we discuss my wardrobe needs, make selections, he makes recommendations, and he delivers a quality, on-time product, every time! I really like his approach to my needs, never pushy, always putting my needs first. The one time we had a problem — he went above and beyond to make sure eveything worked out just fine. John Maxwell says about professionalism that "Nobody cares how much you know, until you show them how much you care." Well that's Mitch, a true professional!

Mitch has been providing me with business suits and business-casual wear since 2005. I have referred many business acquaintances to Mitch. I like the way he truly cares about the appearance of his business clients, in all settings. After my first suit with Mitch I never went back to buying another one from a retail store. His fabrics are extremely comfortable, great looking, and last years longer than anything I owned previously. Everyone who is a suit wearer should be buying from Mitch.

I have purchased several suits, shirts, ties, slacks and even some cufflinks from Mitch and Fine Line Custom Attire. All I have to say is WOW! Not only is the quality there, but the fit and feel makes you almost not want to take it off at the end of the day. Coming from a world of having to dress from business casual to a full suit five days a week, I am confident in Fine Line over the competitors... Mitch is a master of service. Mitch makes you feel like you are worth a million bucks and really takes care of his clients from A to Z. I highly recommend Fine Line's personal touch and quality for anyone looking to dress sharp!

I've had the pleasure and privilege of working with Mitch for a number of years. He is a true professional. Mitch makes sure I'm well dressed and he's not afraid to nudge me when I'm not. He keeps great notes about what I've purchased in the past and anticipates my needs. I personally don't enjoy shopping because it takes too long. This is easy and efficient and I never have to stand in line or wait.

I really value Mitch' advice and am impressed with his service, so I work with Mitch for all my shirts and suits and recommend him whenever possible. His expertise, attention to detail, and professionalism make me feel well taken care of. As a result clients and co-workers compliment my wardrobe, and it's great to be dressed professionally AND comfortable.
Troy "TJ" Sainsbury
Mortgage Loan Originator at US Bank Madison, WI

The quality and care that I receive from Fine Line Custom Attire surpasses any other experience I have ever had. Having to dress business formal on a daily basis, it is important for me to have clothing that fits properly and lasts for a long time. From a day at the office to a night on the town, my clothes get a lot of wear and tear, and the clothing that I have purchased from Fine Line stands up to the challenge. The clothing has blown my mind as to how durable it is in keeping up with my everyday use. The personalized care that I have received in regards to how I wanted my shirts to fit and be designed has made me feel that I have definitely found the place that I will always turn to when looking for professional and durable business clothing.

Peter Lengling
Regus Management Group – Milwaukee, WI

I recently purchased a custom suit from Mitch and cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism, attention to detail, and customer service he provides. Fine Line Custom Attire has so many options to choose from, whether it's high fashion or traditional, you won't be dissatisfied with the final product. I will never go back to stores like Men's Wearhouse after working with Mitch, he's a true professional.
Jon Whitely
PR & Social Media Executive at Stephan & Brady – Madison, WI

In the past I have purchased several suits and shirts from Mitch and I have been more than pleased with the quality and the fit. The material of the last four shirts I ordered is very unique. This material is so comfortable and easy to maintain that I can wash them at home, and when they come out of the dryer I am able to hang them up and no ironing is needed. The fit is also perfect. I am looking forward to my next suit and shirts to arrive. Thank you very much for your help Mitch!
Ron Bauman
Insurance Professional – Eau Claire, WI

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